I went down, down, down and the flames went higher

 I didn’t know Subway had breakfast sandwiches.  They’re not bad.

Adding a stolen hockey mask to my terrible ring gear really improves the look.  I tried wearing the Johnny Cash t-shirt inside out but the graphic is irritating against the skin.  So I’m a masked psycho that likes Ring of Fire a lot.  I had a good match last night.  The promoter wants me back for a match with an opponent that’s “perfect for my gimmick”.  Who knew that all I needed to get a gimmick was losing everything I owned.

There is a voice in my head saying that I’m an asshole for feeling good about doing well after a series of crappy matches.  That voice says something bad happened, so I should never allow myself to feel good again.  Ignoring that voice is important.  It will be a while before it goes away.

I went to a sporting goods store to get a knife in case I run into another situation like in Lyons.  It was probably just my imagination but I felt Royale’s disapproval like a physical presence.  I didn’t end up buying one.  

I used that money for a motel room instead and spent some time looking through the documents in Royale’s trunk.  In one of his journals, he talked about a ritual he called Gilgul.  It’s a way to sever someone’s connection to magic.  According to his notes, it was more advanced that even he could manage.  And he was a thousand times better than I am right now.

That just means I have some work to do.

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