The Hunted

Original – The Enterprise is deciding if a planet should be allowed into the Federation. A ship escapes from their prison moon and the Enterprise tries to help out. The ship implodes but it’s a fake out. The guy on the ship is Captain America only he’s also really crafty and good with technology. So he’s Red Skull I guess.

He leads them on a merry chase but eventually they grab him and Troi brainscans him and learns nothing because she’s useless. The planet people are like “yeah we made all these Captain Americas for the war but after the war was over we didn’t need them anymore so we put them in prison”. The guy talks to Troi some more for exposition.

Captain America escapes again and leads a revolution. The Enterprise is like “peace out bitches” and flies away.

I really liked this episode as a kid but it’s another episode where the Enterprise doesn’t really do anything. I still though it was pretty good as an adult but a lot of Star Trek experts says it sucks a dumb donkey.

Devinoni Ral timeline – Devinoni Ral can find Captain America with his mindpowers so they catch him easier. But also he knows what the guy’s deal is because he can read minds for real. Devinoni Ral blabs the whole thing right up front bypassing three acts of the story. But the good news is that he can also undo the mental conditioning that made Captain America and his friends violent murderers with psychic surgery. The Enterprise actually helps the situation instead of flying away! Thanks Devinoni Ral!


  1. Star Trek experts….I laughed and laughed and laughed. Maybe it’s that kid from Galaxy Quest who walks them through the fire smashing corridor. “It makes no logical sense! Why is this here!?!?”

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