The Defector

Several people have expressed concern that starting a fifth blog would be bad for me. So I’ll just do the Devinoni Ral thing here. The next episode of TNG is the Defector.

Original – A Romulan guy runs to the Enterprise because the Romulans are going to start a war (again) and he blabs. Picard is like “this is a trap”. Eventually the guy tells them enough that they decide to check it out. Also the guy is really a different guy. They go there and it is a trap. But Picard never believed the guy anyway so he had the Klingons set a trap for the trap. The Romulan guy was a patsy in this whole thing and kills himself.

Devinoni Ral – This one doesn’t actually change much. He would know that that Romulan guy was lying about who he was right off the bat, but that doesn’t effect anything really. He would have detected the two Romulan trap-ships when they were cloaked but that doesn’t matter either because Picard already assumed it was a trap. Devinoni Ral can’t change things because really nothing happened in this episode.

The guy that played the non-defector Romulan was G’Kar on Babylon Five. I always thought that that show got fudged up in the end because of executive meddling but I read the book about the dude who wrote it and that wasn’t it. It’s weird to think that a dude could write 4 seasons that were part of one story and then a 5th season that meant nothing on purpose. Maybe there was some cool writer thing I missed that made it cool.


  1. This one plays out just like Indiana Ford. I heard Raiders of the Lost Ark would have played out the same way without Harrison Jones.


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