Bloody Mary’s revenge

My wrist has been aching since the “Irish” Terry affair.  I don’t know if I jammed it when I threw that punch or in the scuffle with the referee.  My healing spell hasn’t worked very well.  It feels better for a couple minutes but then the pain comes back.  That’s never happened before.  I’ve been hurt much worse and the spell fixed it.

Looking back, my magic has been unreliable lately.  I’m thinking about the Bloody Mary incident.  What if my spell didn’t fail?  What if someone else quashed it?  Royale could do that.  He did it often when he was training me.  If I was about to release a spell that was wrong and going to do something unpredictable or dangerous he would snuff it out.

Maybe that’s what someone did to me at that show.  I think Royale was a very powerful magician.  Maybe cancelling out someone else’s spell is really hard.  But maybe it isn’t.  I just don’t know.  I went deep down an internet hole looking at everyone I could remember who was on that show.  I don’t know what I was searching for.  It’s not like they would have an Instagram story of them doing magic. 

Could Bloody Mary herself be magic?  It could have just as easily been someone in the crowd.  Not that there were many people there.  After a while I thought ‘forget the who, what about the why?’  Why would someone want to stop my spell? 

I have what is for me a pretty good stack of cash from the MMA fight.  I think I want to go back to that venue and investigate.  But I need more money.  I don’t want to get trapped again.  I called Natasha and asked if her boyfriend could get me another fight.  She was surprised to hear from me. Probably because she stole half my money and set me up to get my ass kicked.  I told her no hard feelings.  I wanted the full payment this time.  She said she would look into it for fifteen percent.  I agreed.

If she finds me something, this time I’m going to be smart about it.

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