Have you been injured in an accident? You have rights!

A guy contacted me because his girlfriend works for a personal injury lawyer.  He was saying that I could sue for having my uterus removed without my consent. I don’t really miss my uterus but if I can get a chunk of change for it why not?  I didn’t expect much to come of it because I don’t remember much in the way of details.  I was shocked at the amount of information the lawyer was able to dig up.

A few days later he called me back with information about a Jane Doe matching my description being admitted to Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield, Wisconsin with a through and through stab wound just above the hip.  I thought medical records were supposed to be private but he had a lot of details.  Now I know my blood type at the very least.

A doctor named Gusttavo Bierzo is suspected of the forced sterilization of several patients but he’s already in prison for fraud and drug charges.  The lawyer wanted to sue anyway saying that Mrs. Bierzoe had assets we could go after.  I declined.  He got really mad about that.  He said he was going to send me a bill for the research he had done.  Good luck.  One of the benefits of having no fixed address.

I know when I got stabbed I was on my own, that wasn’t when I was with a foster family at the time.  I don’t remember ever living in Wisconsin but a lot of my childhood memories are muddled.  That probably seems crazy to you but there were times when I was on the street that I wasn’t sure what city I was even in.

I remember being more scared of the hospital than I was bleeding in the street.  It seemed like a hundred doctors and nurses were all crowding around me and grabbing at me.  The light was blinding.  Like an interrogation room in an old movie.  I should have strung the lawyer along, pretend to think about it and ask if he would send me some of those documents.  How long was I in the hospital?  Getting stabbed through the gut seems like something that would take a long time to get over.

My healing hands spell is great for the bumps and bruises I pick up.  Not for concussions, we know that now.  I wonder how serious of an injury it can work on.  If I got stabbed again today could I just magic the wound away?  The problem is probably that if you’re really badly hurt you can’t concentrate enough to do the spell.

I guess I’m going to have to get rich the old fashioned way.  By working wrestling shows for forty bucks a night.

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