Which is worse – serial killers or book snobs?

After my last post I got curious because I remember Royale saying something about a movie actress that helped him do magic.  I looked through some of the documents in his trunk and found out who he was talking about.  Bessie Love. 

From Wikipedia – Bessie Love (born Juanita Horton) was an American-British actress who achieved prominence playing innocent young girls and wholesome leading ladies in silent and early sound films.  Her acting career spanned eight decades—from silent film to sound film, including theatre, radio, and television. 

According to Royale she also faced down some kind of things they called the Sharp Dressed Men. They seduced and murdered a series of young women in the 20s.  It’s not clear from the notes if they were serial killing mages or something else.  Vampires?  Demons?  Shadowmen?  Reptilians?  When I found out about magic, one of my first thoughts was; what else is real?  There’s not a lot of information about what the Sharp Dressed Men were.

Most of the stuff is letters between Royale and Bessie, reading through them was better than any novel.  It would make a good novel.  They were friends, lovers, and magic crime fighters.  What more could you want in a story?  Maybe it would be a better comic book.  Since this trunk magically appeared by my car do I own the rights?  Probably not.  There’s always something that screws you.

I made one of my rare forays into social interaction at my last show.  I saw a dude wearing a shirt for ICWPPW Full Vengeance 2013 with “wristlock” tattooed on his wrist.  Is that funny?  He was sitting in a folding chair reading Every Note Played.  I had listened to that book and really liked it so we got to talking about it.  At first everything was fine but then he realized that I had listened to the audio book instead of reading it and he walked away in a huff because I hadn’t “really” read it.

Maybe I’ll try talking to someone again next year.

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