The first rule of outlaw fight club is tweet about outlaw fight club daily

I’ve worked for a lot of companies with dumb names.  There are only so many different combinations of Championship and Wrestling you can put together.  I’ve never worked for OMEGA but I like that name.  The worst I think I’ve worked for was named Champions Championship Wrestling.  Last night I worked for Outlaw Fight Club which is a pretty bad name.  Until I got there I thought it might be some fucking kids shining me on.

Outlaw Fight Club may be one of the worst names out there, but the show was good.  The venue was a club which is usually a bad sign but there were probably a thousand people there and they were really into it.  Most of the shows I work don’t break a hundred.  These were good fans too.  They booed the bad guys and they cheered the faces.  They acted like they wanted to be at a wrestling show.  They weren’t trying to draw attention to themselves.

I wrestled a woman called Queen Quong, which I guess is supposed to be a female King Kong?  She was dreadful.  I’ve heard that a great wrestler can make anyone look good.  I am far from a great wrestler.  But even with that, the crowd was supportive more than cruel.  Any other show I’ve been on, after two minutes of that crap there would have been chants of “show your tits”, “boring”, and or “you can’t wrestle”.  I hear in the old days you could punch a fan or two and get away with it.  I wish I could do that.  I really wish I could.  Really.

After the show I got online and saw that OFC has a ton of content out there and it looks okay.  By indie wrestling standards it’s fucking great.  I saw some information about the promoter being a community college student studying video production.  He must have access to decent equipment.  His videos looked better than WCW television programming in the early 90s.  

The pay was nothing to get excited about, but it was cool to work for a place that seemed to have its shit together a little bit.  I hope I get to work for them again.  And I hope they make it.  I don’t really know what it means to make it.  They’re not going to grow into a national thing.  They’re not going to get their own streaming channel.  But maybe they can become Pro Wrestling Guerilla – a company that sticks around and makes some money.

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