I wonder if Amway would sponsor a wrestler

I’ve been thinking lately about incorporating a fireball into my act.  I don’t know if anyone does this anymore since Hulk Hogan fucked up the whole thing in WCW.  I see a table set on fire and someone thrown on the table sometimes, but I’ve never see anyone throw a fireball.  I believe this is normally accomplished with flash paper but I think I could work out a spell that makes fire that doesn’t actually burn. 

I don’t know if he invented throwing fireballs but the Sheik is the guy who popularized it.  His gimmick wasn’t so much foreign heel like you might expect.  It was more that he didn’t care about winning or losing he just wanted to maim people.  Hence the fireball.  When there used to be wrestling magazines they’d have articles about how the Sheik needed to be arrested for setting people on fire.  I think a gimmick like that could work for me.

Another idea I’ve been thinking about is multi-tiered marketing.  Not doing it, but as a gimmick.  I get a Herbalife shirt or something like that and I come out and start talking about how great Herbalife is like that’s the only reason I’m there.  Then my opponent comes out and wails on me.  I think it would work, people hate that shit.  But it might work too well.

I realize that since my bedroom is a sleeping bag in the back of a car this is probably getting ahead of myself.  I should just be happy with anything that gets me booked, but with a thing like that you can get boxed in.  Consider the Manscout Jake Manning.  His gimmick is that he’s a boy scout, but he’s a full grown man.  It’s good, but it’s also limiting.  He can’t stop doing it.  People book him because he’s the Manscout, if he shows up as “Jagged” Jake Manning the hardcore death match wrestler, the booker is going to be pissed.  That would be like booking Dave Chappelle and instead of comedy he wants to rap.

In WWE they repackage people all the time.  That’s because they can shove it down your throat and you just have to take it.  I think it’s much harder to pull that off down here in the real world.  If you get a following as Jimmy the Dancing Clown and then you give that up, you’re back to square one.  So I’m wary of becoming the Pampered Chef Lady.

Remember when WWE repackaged Liv Morgan?  Before she was a sexy blonde with no other characteristics.  Her new character was sexy blonde.  Remember when they repackaged Emma? Before she was a sexy blonde with no other characteristics.  Her new character was sexy blonde.  Right now they’re repackaging someone as a sexy blonde, the rumor is it’s Carmella.  Her previous gimmick was sexy blonde.  But she would dance sometimes.  And she got over by hanging out with a rapist.  So that part is different.

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