Kayfabe news already used the title I wanted

My car started.  I missed the Silver City show.  I missed a chance to see Eterno.  I don’t know how to feel about that really.

On the topic of anti-climaxes.  A few people in the comments have complained that there was no resolution to the diner outside of Macon.  I don’t know what to tell you.  What else can I do about it?  If you want to Venmo me a couple hundred dollars so I can investigate a diner instead of working shows, please do.  Set up a GoFundMe.  If you want to help me out go right ahead.

While I was sitting in my car waiting to see if I was completely fucked or if my car was going to start, I saw that a blogger named me as “the best wrestler you’ve never heard of”.  I shouldn’t make fun of this guy because his 2000 followers eclipse the totality of all my social media empire but I will anyway.

I am pretty sure this guy has never seen me wrestle.  This is the “I saw it first effect”.  Remember a few years ago when everyone was shitting their pants over AEW and saying how much better it was than WWE?  Many of those people later admitted they had never actually been to an AEW show or seen any AEW wrestling.  They just wanted to be cool. 

This guy and those AEW people are the equivalent of people you see wearing t-shirts for obscure bands they have never gone to see.  They’re purchasing a lifestyle of being ultra-hip and awesome without having to go through the trouble of actually doing anything.  There’s probably a term for it – trendhunting?  I don’t know. 

I also had a message from a guy claiming that computers had achieved sentience decades ago and taught themselves magic via the internet.  He said that networks of computers cast spells all the time.  I occasionally get cranks telling me they also know magic, although not as often as you might think. 

This was interesting enough that I messaged him back and asked how a computer could learn magic through the internet when I have never found anything about real magic online.  He had a good response.  That information is in private places I can’t go, but a group of self-aware computers can go everywhere.  He said “you’re a swimmer on the ocean, they ARE the ocean”.  I don’t think that’s exactly how the internet works but I take his point. 

Probably bullshit but still interesting.


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