Whenever anyone says “no offense” they usually say something awful so I won’t say that

One thing I never expected to see in the wrestling biz is the current of Christianity running through it.  One of my foster families was really into Jesus and a couple of others were going through the motions, but half of them didn’t say word one about the big man with the beard.  It’s not uncommon to see some dudes in a prayer circle before a show.  For that matter neither are Christian-themed wrestling promotions – Ted Diabase had one I know, I think Sting did too.  The Christian Wrestling Federation is still around I think because they blocked me on Twitter maybe a year ago.

I can understand it for the veterans – that makes sense to me.  After some time in the biz you become a drug addict, commit a few sexual assaults, beat your girlfriend a couple times, get a bunch of DUIs, and eventually you either die or find Jesus.  It’s a pretty good deal, all you have to do is say you’re sorry and Jesus forgives everything you did before.  All the people you hurt – don’t worry about it, Jesus saves.  Faith washes all that away.  Shawn Michaels is a good example of this.

But it’s a little more perplexing with the younger guys.  They haven’t hit rock bottom yet so I’m not sure what their angle is.  But what really confuses me is that some people think God has a plan and that everything happens according to that plan.  And that makes them feel better.  I don’t get that.  If I thought that this world is what God wanted, I would be fucking horrified.  If you look around and think “yes, this is God’s will” doesn’t that mean God is the worst? 

I saw some people praying before the show I worked last night.  There was an English wrestler standing nearby whose accent was so weird I couldn’t tell if he was participating in the religion or making fun of them right in front of them without anyone noticing.  Accent isn’t the right word because I could tell what he was saying, just the words made no sense to me.  That’s a dialect I guess.  I guess that’s the benefit of having an indecipherable way of speaking, no one knows when you’re mocking them.  But if they don’t know does it matter?

I used to know this kid who would always flip people off behind their backs.  I guess it makes you feel better.  It’s defiance of a low sort without any of the possibilities of retribution that real defiance brings.  It’s like when grown men shout abuse at children playing sports.  I wonder how many times an adult has murdered a child because they missed a foul tip or didn’t pass the ball to the right kid in crunch time at an 8th grade basketball game. 


    1. Nah, that’s just my very limited mutant power – they wouldn’t even let me on the Fallen Angels

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