Put on your work boots

One of my readers commented that an old movie called Ghostbusters centers around the plot of a guy coming back from WW2 that decides that humanity needs to be wiped out.  To facilitate this end of human life, he builds a skyscraper that’s designed to channel magic.  The magic is supposed to open a portal to another dimension so a giant monster will come through and kill everyone.  He thought maybe the diner could be something like that.

If that’s true I need to talk to whoever wrote that movie right away.  Maybe it’s a coincidence but maybe there’s a magical screenwriter out there.  It’s an old movie though so whoever wrote it is probably dead.  That doesn’t seem like a reason you’d build a magic battery in the form of a diner, but it was built a couple years after WW2 and I don’t have a better explanation.  If you were going to make a building to channel magic for human genocide why would you make it a restaurant? 

I listened to a book recently that took place during WW2.  This woman was a farmer and she busted her ass working all the time.  Then the Nazis came and put her in a labor camp where she had to work even harder and everyone was dying all the time.  There was an accident and a bunch of people died but she saved one of the camp guards.  He turned out to be the son of a bigshot Nazi so as a reward she got to leave the camp go be a maid for his mother in a fancy house.

The farm-lady and the Nazi become friends and the rich lady teaches farm lady how to be pretty and feminine and wear dresses instead of being a wood-chopping water-carrying workhorse.  And that was it, that was the book.  I guess the message was learn how to look pretty and you’ll be happy.  This was not an old book, it was written in 2018.  I read this book because a podcast and a bunch of websites all told me it was a story of coming to terms with yourself and being a woman and what femininity means.  I guess I didn’t get it.  I never had much education so maybe there were subtleties that were lost on me. 

In planning to expand my moveset, I’m thinking about doing the big splash in the corner like Sting used to do.  I feel like no one does that anymore.  Maybe it’s harder to do safely than I think.  I think it looks pretty cool.  I’m also thinking about using the Cobra Clutch for a finish.  I feel like no one does that anymore either.  I think a submission is better for a heel, heels shouldn’t do anything too flashy.  I thought about a Cobra Clutch suplex, but I think its good advice not to have a finish where you have to lift your opponent.  You want something you can use on anyone.

I was wondering if there was a way to do the corner splash into the Cobra Clutch.  Seems like it would be an awkward transition at best.  It would work if you could whip someone into the buckle front-first but I’ve never see anyone do that since Brett Hart years ago.  So it would look weird if my opponent only did it in my match.  I don’t like it when someone has a move that requires their opponent to do something they never normally do.  I find it very jarring when I see it.

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