If you’re going to do something silly you should take it seriously

While I was driving today I started thinking about my future.  I got into this business to make money, which is stupid because there’s very little money to be had, but I didn’t have a lot of other offers on the table.  Piling mistake on top of that mistake, I’m not really being very smart about it trying to make money anyway.

I listened to Mick Foley’s book a while back and something he wrote has been on my mind.  He said that for most of his career he had concentrated so much on being good at getting his ass kicked and taking big moves from people that when he had a chance to get the spotlight for himself, he didn’t have any moves to use on other people.  I realized that that’s what I’m doing too.    

I lock up, I throw some punches and kicks, and then I get my ass kicked for most of the match.  I’m early in my career but I’m not that early anymore.  That’s not a good way to get a chance to shine.  And if someone did give me a chance, what would I do?  If you’re going to be the main event you need something to show off.  I need to start thinking about getting good at some more moves. 

I’m not completely stupid, I know that I’ll never be on WWE tv, but if I’m going to make a living at this I should be trying to make a living at this.  I should have a finish, I should have some music, I should have a gimmick.  It doesn’t need to be anything flashy, just something people remember.  Like that radio DJ that was going to fight a porn star, it’s asinine but I remember it. 

Maybe I could do something where I come out to the ring and challenge any man in the crowd to fight me – declare myself the intergender champion of the world and do a sexism thing.  Find some kid from a local wrestling school to put in the crowd as a plant and kick his ass.  I’ve never talked on the mic so I probably suck at it, but I’m not going to get better by not doing it right?  I wonder how much it costs to have one of those belts made.  Not zero probably.

I have a spell I could work on that could summon a kendo stick or some other gimmick to my hand.  I could make that a spot.  Distract the ref and then a weapon appears out of nowhere and I use it.  That’s the great thing about wrestling, people are expecting to be fooled.  I could do some minor magic like that and no one would even think about it – they’d assume it was some kind of trick. 

If this is going to be my profession, I should put a little more effort into it.  It would be nice to live in an apartment someday instead of a car.   

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