The cornucopia was created when Hercules wrestled the river god Achelous and broke off one of his horns

I drove to Springfield for what I thought was a wrestling show I was booked on, but turned out to be a rodeo.  Since I was there anyway, I told the old mumble-mouth cowboy running the thing that for the hundred bucks I was promised I’d give it a shot.  Getting thrown off a bull once can’t be worse than some of the bumps I’ve taken in the ring.  He told me that women don’t ride bulls, and also that I wasn’t being offered a c-note, instead one hundred dollars was the entry fee.

I tried to think back to how I had gotten this booking, was I the one who screwed it up or was this someone else playing a funny fucking joke on me?  I need to start keeping track of my bookings better, I’d really like to know if I have myself to blame for this fuck up or if someone should be on my shit list.  Is there an app for my phone I can get that does something like that?  And I looked it up, there is a female bull rider named Maggie Parker so fuck you old man.

I figured the least they could do is let me in to watch the rodeo for free since I had driven all that way but they charged me eight bucks. One time after a show I worked, I was hanging around with the ticket dude and he told me how much he hates rodeos because the people putting on the rodeo always request fifty different kinds of tickets to be sold with special promo codes even though hardly anyone comes.  He said that he had worked rodeos where there were more kinds of tickets for sale than there were people that bought tickets. 

It was okay, eight bucks was too much though, it was more like three dollars’ worth of entertainment.  Since there seems to be a lot of downtime in a rodeo, I was on my phone a lot.  One of my readers left a comment about how to try to find out more information about Raymond Pine or the diner.  She had a lot of good suggestions but they didn’t lead to much more, whoever this Raymond Pine is, I think he’s trying to keep a low profile.  I was able to get some more information about the diner.

It looked old when I was there but it’s older than I thought. According to some city website, it had been built in 1952 – that’s old as fuck.   The original owner was listed as Raymond Pine so either he’s also old as fuck, it’s a fake name, a different guy with the same name, or he’s an immortal magician.  Or some other explanation.  I really want to know who designed it, but I couldn’t find a way to learn anything about that online.  Maybe if I go back there I can find something at like a county records office?   

I made some calls but I couldn’t get booked on the show in Silver City.  I’ve decided that I am going to go anyway since Eterno Corazon Inmortal is going to be there.  I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I have to do something. 

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