Not knowing what to do is starting to get old

More googling hasn’t really told me much about the diner or Raymond Pine.  If anyone knows a way to find more information let me know.  I’d like to go back there and snoop around but it’s been said that the wrestling business is a treadmill.  That doesn’t quite make sense because you can stop a treadmill but I know what they meant.  You’re always moving on to the next show.  Even if you could afford to stop for a while, which I can’t, it’s risky to do so because once your name isn’t out there anymore people forget about you.  It’s easy to fade away.  It can happen real fast.

I worked a show in Hopkinsville last night against a woman called Estrella del Cuadrilátero.  She didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish.  I know that guys go to Japan and Mexico and other places and work with people they don’t have a common language with, but I have no idea how they do it.  Do they just somehow feel their way through it without talking or is there a universal language of wrestling?  Wrestling Esperanto?  However they do it, I don’t know it and neither did Estrella.  It was the worst match I’ve ever had.   Even worse than my first match which was an overflowing flaming bag of donkey shit.

The match was so bad that I went to apologize to the booker.  He mumbled something about language barriers and went back to watching porn on his laptop.  A nearby asshole said that if I felt so bad I should give back the money I got paid.  No fucking way that was going to happen.  I heard through the grapevine that Estrella was talking shit and blaming me for the match sucking a dick.  There’s a kind of brotherhood amongst dudes in the biz.  Don’t get me wrong, they screw each other over all the time, but there’s an us against the world mentality there even so.  They’re all “boys”.  There’s nothing like that that I’ve seen for the women.  Somehow the stakes being lower makes everyone more vicious, not less.

That’s all secondary though, because I heard someone saying that Eterno Corazon Inmortal was going to be working a show in Silver City in a couple weeks.  I confirmed it online, he’s scheduled to be there.  When I first met Obaluaiye, Eterno was the guy he was casting a protection spell because of.  Here’s the crazy thing, they were trying to kill each other in the real world with magic, but they worked in the ring together all the time.  It’s some weird code of honor they have down there where wrestling is “off limits”.  Like in Left for Dead, the church is the only place Mobius Lockhart can’t go.  I don’t know if it’s a luchadore thing or a magic thing or a Mexican thing or what it was.  They’d have a match and then hang out after drinking beer, and then later that same night Eterno would try to put a curse on Obaluaiye. 

My immediate thought is that I need to go to that show and ask him about Obaluaiye.  But I realize that would be pointless at best and dangerous at worst.  What would I do?  Just walk up to him at the show and ask him if he killed Obaluaiye?  That’s not a great way to approach a normal murderer, to say nothing of a murderous practitioner of black magic.  Just like with the diner though, I feel like I have to do something.  I just don’t know what. 

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