Better off dead

I saw on Facebook today that the girl I had my first match with died.  There was no information given about how she died and I was curious so I looked around a little.  I found out just enough confusing information to make me even more curious as to how she died.  A few days before, her parents called the police to report her missing.  For a couple days people seemed to think that her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend no one was sure if they were still together, had kidnapped her.  But then she popped up on social media laughing and making jokes about people thinking she was missing and said that everything was fine.  Then the very next day she was found dead in a hotel room because of some issue with her bowel.  Some people are saying it had something to do with drugs, others are saying that the bf or x-bf beat her up and that popped her intestines. 

I don’t remember what her working name was, I remember people calling her Daisy, but I don’t know if that’s because that’s her real name or if that’s the ring name she was using.  People often remember their first match very well.  Mostly what I remember is the sinking feeling I had when she told me that she was only doing it because her bf was a wrestler and she wanted to travel with him.  The only training she had was whatever the boyfriend had shown her.  The match was horrendous.  Everyone’s first match is, just like the first time you have sex, but this was bad even by first time standards.  I’m not sure I had enough training to be out there and I sure as shit know that she didn’t.  Even though she already had a couple matches under her belt.

The bf got up my ass afterwards because I dropped her on her head at one point, one of our many botched spots.  She didn’t get injured (well not obviously anyway) but she was still backstage sulking and being a drama queen about it while her asshole Ken Shamrock looking boyfriend (who maybe now has kidnapped and killed her) laid into me.  I told him that he should have trained her better because it was her fault and he was screaming in my face that I could have ended her career.  I said “What career, she’s never going to have a career.”

Guess I was right.   

When you learn about magic you wonder about a lot of things.  One of them is if you can bring people back from the dead.  It didn’t work out well in Game of Thrones or Pet Sematary.  I’ve unfortunately had even less instruction in magic than I have in wrestling but when I asked about it I was told that trying to bring someone back is something you never do.  Never never.  Not ever never.  But there was no reason given about why.  Which I don’t like.  If something is forbidden I like to know why. 

So the next question is then, if you can’t bring people back for real what about zombies?  Or ghosts?  Does magic have anything to say about people having souls?  Can you use magic to do stuff to people’s souls?  Is that what all this magic energy is?  Soul . . . stuff?  I really need to find another magic mentor.  Better check Craigslist. 

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