When is a rat just a rat?

When I was hiding under the ring one time letting my fetch get dropped on its head (it’s not really a living thing it’s a crash test dummy so don’t feel bad) I saw a rat one time.  Nothing shocking about seeing a rat, a lot of the shows I work are held in real dumps, so there’s bound to be a few rats.  But something about this particular rat got my Spidey sense tingling.  I stared at it and it stared at me for a few minutes before it disappeared into the darkness.  Or maybe it literally disappeared.  I don’t know why, but something about it bumped me. 

Ever since I found out that magic is real I’ve been wondering what else is real.  Vampires?  Bigfoot?  Shapeshifters?  Goblins?  Ghouls?  Santa?  The Queen of England?  Was what I saw that night a magic rat or was it just a rat?  What does it even mean to be a magic rat?  Was it a familiar for another magic person?  Are familiars real?  I don’t have a mentor anymore when it comes to magic (or any other kind of mentor) so I have no one to ask these things.

One thing I know for sure is that the bible says that magic is real.  One of the foster homes I was in for a while was really into God and that’s the exposure I have to religion.  Didn’t care for it personally.  But if the bible is right about magic what else is it right about?  The bible is also pretty definitive in saying that not only is magic real but also that it comes from Satan and you should never do it, which is an issue for someone like me.  There’s a story from the bible where a magic guy is flying around and being magic and evil and Peter uses his God powers to make his magic go away and the magic guy falls to the ground and dies.  Yeah. 

At first I assumed that the chances of me meeting another magic person were close to zero traveling around in the wrestling world.  But I think I could be wrong about that.  Wrestling is a world made up largely of fringe people who don’t (and often can’t) function in the 9-5 world of “normal” people.  People that know about and can do magic have to be the same right?  I think that magic has to be the providence of people who are willing to believe and that’s mostly going to be on the outside of society – which is squarely where wrestlers fall.  You think someone like Necro Butcher has the same system of beliefs as an accountant? 

Statistically being a wrestler and knowing magic are both pretty rare, so throwing in some multiplication it seems like having them both in the same person is almost impossible, but maybe it’s the opposite.  I mean, the guy who taught me about magic was also a wrestler.  Is it possible that most magic people are also wrestlers?  That would really be something wouldn’t it? 

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