It’s like the golden rule kinda

If you drive as much as I do you realize that the road system doesn’t make much sense.  The paths a lot of roads are illogical when you examine it. When you drive a lot you can see that.  It’s easy to assume that when they build roads they’re doing that to avoid something in the landscape that would make it too hard to build. Or to avoid disturbing some natural feature they want to preserve. 

But when you know that magic exists and a little bit about it, a lot of the paths roads follow seem to be laid out in a very specific pattern to channel magical energy.  I have no way to prove it. I think about this sometimes on my marathon drives. If I’m right that means that the government knows about magic and is building roads to move it around.  The implications of what that could mean are hard to wrap my mind around.

I worked a show in Amarillo last night and before it started they trotted out a skinny woman in a hideous red and green dress to sing the American and Canadian anthems.  Most places don’t bother with the national anthem but this is Texas so I was expecting it.  But why the Canadian anthem?  That threw me for a loop.  Once in a great while when you’re at a “real” sporting event up north I’ve heard they’ll do that, but we’re nowhere near the border.  And we’re in fucking Texas!  It makes no sense. 

Terry Funk is from Amarillo, or at least claimed to be for wrestling purposes.   Years ago when wrestling was popular for a hot Texas minute they released a documentary about it called Beyond The Mat. It was in the movie theaters and everything.  In that movie they show Terry Funk with his daughters.  Terry Funk, even before he annihilated himself wrestling into his 60s, was not a good looking dude.  And his wife is nothing to get excited about either.  But his daughters are all gorgeous.  How does that happen?

There’s a scene in that movie where a douchebag asshole piece of shit promoter says that he has to be a douchebag asshole piece of shit because if he doesn’t the wrestlers will walk all over him.  This is true. 

But the wrestlers are trying to fuck over the promoter because they’re expecting the promoter to try and fuck them over.  That’s capitalism in a nutshell, fuck or be fucked.  It’s like one of those snake eating its own tail things, it just keeps feeding itself infinitely forever.

How can you fix something like that?  There’s no way to start.  If you try to be the person who doesn’t participate in the scam then you’re like the person who doesn’t hold onto the merry-go-round, you get fucking thrown off.  It’s like when two dopeheads who don’t know each other meet and are trying to ask if the other one has the stuff. It’s hard to make the first move because you don’t want to show your ass. 

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