My name is Grace. That’s the name I’ve chosen anyway because I don’t know my real name. I also don’t know how old I am exactly. People think that’s pretty weird, we’ll get into that sometime probably.

I’m a professional wrestler. An old timer was lamenting all the years he’s been in the biz and all the memories he’s forgotten so I decided to start this thing. I refuse to call it a diary or a journal. It’s just a thing.

My wrestling name is Amazing Grace which is stupid and annoying because there’s already a million social media things and websites with that name about Christianity so it’s hard to me to do anything online that people can find. I didn’t think about that because I figured I just get another name but I’m kind of stuck with it now. I’ll talk about that sometime too.

I’m also learning how to do magic. Real magic, not David Copperfield shit with capes and rings and smoke. I’ll definitely talk about that. It’s not as cool as you think, but it’s still pretty cool.

The only thing I really have to say today is that most women get pissed about people knowing their weight but if I’m lucky I have someone announce my weight to a roomful of people 3-4 times a week. It’s not usually my actual weight, but that doesn’t matter because whatever they say is going to make people think about it. The more people in a week who find out what I weigh the better the week is for me. So I got that going for me.

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  1. Hi, Grace! I started out trying to be a dragon turtle, but I ended up more of a long-tailed turtle with swimming goggles. You’re right. Things do go wrong sometimes.

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